Health and Weight Loss


Health and Weight loss are two closely related phenomena. Most of the times they are indirectly proportional to each other owing to the weight loss techniques people opt for. Most weight loss addicts either starve themselves or choose to eat unhealthy foods which incur various health problems. Thus a weight loss goal is achieved at the cost of one’s health.

Measures of Health

Healthy persons need not be overweight or underweight. It is a physical condition which is not related to weight loss or gain. It means how healthy or perfect your overall physical body is regardless of whatever weight the weight machine shows you. Measures of health do include weight, however, because overweight itself may entail many other health problems. But it does not mean that every over a weighted person is unhealthy or vice versa. Another thing from which health can be measured includes

  • Height/ Weight
  • BMI- Body Mass Index
  • Circumference of waist in some cases
  • Basic blood and physical tests and medical conditions

Healthy Weight Loss

This cannot be ignored that obesity is a problem prevalent in many parts of the world. The more serious issue is how to lose those extra pounds from oneself. There are various diet plans, drugs, drinks, etc. for this purpose, but whatever option you chose, you need first to understand that every type of weight loss is not healthy, and it is far more important for a human to be healthy than to be thin. Here are few guidelines to help you check if you are heading for a healthy weight loss or not.

  1. Choose the right amount of exercise that your body can tolerate regularly and then, try to follow your timetable. Even if you manage to do a little every day does a little but do something on a regular basis rather than doing a two hours work out one day and none the next two days.
  2. Chose the physical activity that may be enjoyable to you so that you do not get bored of it doing it regularly
  3. Take in a balanced diet. Do not starve yourself or eat too much. Also, do not eat a lot at one time and skip the next meal. Healthy dieting for healthy weight loss means a balanced diet in nutritive value and consumption.
  4. Do not eat under anxiety, low energy or mood level or emotional distress. This is called emotional eating, and it is more harmful to your healthy weight loss goal
  5. Consume low carbohydrates and sugars and fats. However, it is better to consume some than none. Do not leave any group of food from your diet. Consume everything in a good proportion that keeps you healthy.
  6. Better eat fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh food and stay away from junk food and fried food
  7. Eat without distractions so you know when to stop. In the fast paced life we live today, we are prone to eat more than we need due to our preoccupied minds.

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